Went for a quick journey down to Kinsale today. I wanted to capture some shots from the cliffs of Old Head as a storm rolled in. Not to mention grab a pint of the local craft brew. The brutality of the coastline here just never ceases to amaze me. The jagged rocks, massive cliffs, and choppy seas of the northern Atlantic are completely alien to someone who is used to the comparatively tame shoreline of the Californian Pacific coast. The wind came onshore with such intensity that it was difficult to stand, let alone keep the tears out of your eyes. Stepping within a foot of the edge, three hundred feet above a churning meat grinder, was a truly epic experience.








After making my way back up the loose shale of the coastal trail it was time to go locate the nearest pub, for a much needed pint of Kinsale Pale Ale. Conveniently the pub also had a hearth, which worked wonders after the intense assault by the cold winds of southern Ireland.

I’ve got plenty of work to do on some shots I have taken of the past week and a half while out with locals and new friends. Believe it or not I still take pictures of people while not busy almost being thrown from huge cliffs. Until next time, take it easy.

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